Latitude! So much fun playing there on the Sunrise Arena in July as one half of  Pianofield  - here’s the video. It was super hot, the sun was blazing down powering up the solar piano, loading it up with plenty of good energy and vibrations!   Audience, we loved you - I was blown away by how many people were there . . listening, really listening, such an honour.  Thank you if you were there, and thank you for all the truly life changing messages everyone sent in. Thank you too  Festival Republic !  This sort of day means so much.  As artists I think we spend so much time wrestling alone in the studio (with tech, with perfectionism and other demons!).  Necessary sometimes but too much wrestling can be painful!  So, we are looking forward to doing more live performances in the future . . we have some great concerts coming up and more in the wings so we hope you can catch us at one of them.

- with love Frances