P I A N O D A Y   2 0 1 8


Pianoday is coming round again and with my fellow musical conspirator Matthew, as  ' p i a n o f i e l d '  (www.pianofield.com)  we'd love to invite you to join us! - To celebrate we will be playing at Blank 100 in Dalston on April 6th at 7 pm,  (It's a little after the actual day but still within range of its glorious reach!)  By means of a range of pianos, keyboards, film and electronic soundscapes, we will be playing some of our new pieces for the first time, as well as playing tracks from our new collection Wing.  I'm thrilled to say that the gorgeous sister band AYA will also be playing as well as wonderful singer-songwriter TURAN.

Tickets start at £7 with booking in advance, all profits to Compassion In World Farming and can be found here

Living in deepest East Anglia, we want to bring the wind, rain as inspiration to our Dalston community. This wondrous shed is our headquarters!

I hope that you can come along and join us - let's celebrate the existence of this beautiful instrument!

Frances and Matt 

"live performance of raw human emotions, electronic walls of sound with delicate piano led melody . .