LATITUDE! So much fun playing there on the Sunrise Arena in July as one half of Pianofield - here’s the video. The sun was blazing down powering up the solar piano, loading it up with plenty of good energy and vibrations! Thank you Festival Republic we are looking forward to doing more live performances in 2019 . . we have some great concerts coming up so we hope you can catch us at one of them.

- with love Frances


Hello everyone . I'm playing on one of the main stages this Sunday at Latitude Festival! I shall be playing with Matthew Bickerton as our electronic soundscape and piano duo Pianofield, and we will be on the Sunrise Arena at 12.30 pm on Sunday morning... .featuring (of course!) our Sun Powered Piano. All the info and links to tickets which I believe are still available are here.

I cannot tell you how much I'm looking forward to it! Very much hope to see you there! Here is a link to one of our recent tracks. What an amazing summer this is!
With love, Frances


pianoday 2018 403 kb.png

Spring is here so they say . . . I've been in hibernation for the last couple of months. Working with a software programmer as a musical partner in the band pianofield has its advantages. No sooner do I say things like "I sometimes wish that I could play two pianos at the same time and maybe a string quartet as well . . ." than he writes a programme that makes this possible. Amazing, Then I have to learn how to use it!

So it's been real fun - developing my sound is what I love spending my time doing - a never-ending journey. We will be trying out some of the new technology on April 6th for our event in Dalston in celebration of Pianoday. Tickets here. It will be a beautiful evening, and we will be joined by the gorgeous sister band AYA and fabulous singer Turan - come and relax your way into the weekend with us!


There is something magical about December mornings. Took my camera and went out early last week during the cold spell, down on the marshes. Sometimes I think I ought to have been a wild life photographer not of a composer! but then, its all connected. The music - it's not that I consciously try and write music that relates to the landscape, it may not even appear to anyone else that it does. But for me, somehow it's all linked, all magical.. Just spent 3 days in Dalston, which was wonderful in other ways. I live beside the canal there, also beautiful. But this is where the heart lies.

May you have a peaceful and joyful time over Christmas!