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We did it!  And we want to do it again!  So wonderful to play in this fabulous space, the Jerwood Studio in Snape Maltings. The acoustics are just exactly right, and for me the best thing was the Steinway.

I was a bit apprehensive about the piano as I have found them a bit heavy and 'clangy'  in the past.  But this beauty was none of those things. . in fact I want one!  We really want the whole room as our permanent studio please Universe.  Just putting it out there . . .

Because there was so much tech involved – things like getting a banana tree in San Pablo Brazil to synchronise with Matthew’s laptop and trigger sounds in Ableton for us to jam to live! – we had a couple of days to set up and it felt like an installation.  Our favourite.

The next day out on the marshes with the Solar powered version was a treat too.  A dull but mostly dry day, with a strong wind blowing the birds across the sky . .   making music while watching the movement of the water and the reeds feeling the air on our faces . .. what better way to spend a Saturday. 

And some beautiful music emerged.  As it miraculously always does.  For which I give daily thanks!