Sometimes I wonder what drives us, as artists and creators.  A lot of the time actually.  Sometimes I feel driven, and at other improved times I catch myself and remember that all I have to do is allow the music to happen, no judgement, no fear.  I heard this today on the Abraham Hicks u tube channel (anyone else into this great stuff?) 'We are here to experience Outrageous Joy'.  

What?  thats outrageous . . ! Yet when I'm on the thread of a new piece of music, and Im in love with it and can't wait to get into the studio to do more of it and just thinking about brings me outrageous joy - then I start to agree . . So this week I'm happy to be sharing with you the latest version of my dark and moody,  work in progress . .(getting brighter actually!) .  .now entitled 'For there is Much to Dare' - (thanks for all the helpful suggestions!)  Making this makes me joyful.  Also there's nothing like having to finish something!. I had the honour to play this at a new night curated by Turan Webb and Elspeth Merry called Work in Progress

Other joy this week was watching my beautiful daughters AYA perform to a packed 2000 seater auditorium at Shepherd's Bush last Friday, supporting Lamb.   Doing what they love, and doing it so so well - despite both of them either recovering from or getting flu!   Amazing- my heart was/is full. Check them out! i

Wishing all a joyful week.