Ive been luxuriating in the release of any pressing need to rehearse this week - and getting back into making up the tunes which is I have to admit where my heart lies.  You could either call it luxuriating, or obsessing . . I will choose the former.  Whichever, I am pleased as I have an actual result, that I am happy to be sharing with you this week.  

For those interested in my process, the initial spark for this piece was some chords that my dear friend and often collaborator Lewis Barham came up with during a jam we had in September.  What we played together was nice, but for once I wanted to see if I could take things further so Ive been arranging and re arranging and adding and subtracting and have of course ended up with an entirely new piece.  I've been living with all the demons, and am proud that this time I have heard them but not listened, and forged on with it despite their clamour.  I've been assisted by incredibly helpful encouragement from composer Lubomyr Melnyk, who seems to have kindly become my unofficial mentor.  How lucky I am.  

So dear listener this tune represents something of a personal triumph!  I seem to be stuck for a title though.  I've been through a gamut of them.  Any suggestions please message me! 

And may you also have a triumphant week.  (I'm thinking of learning the trumpet as I feel that is the instrument best suited to honour these occasions!)