Practice makes perfect?

cropped  w hands 2 - Version 2.jpg

This week I’ve been doing something called p r a c t i c i n g  (for my upcoming gigs at Flipside Festival)

Dictionary definition is ‘repeated performance or systematic exercise for the purpose of acquiring skill or proficiency’

All of which is deeply alien for me. Funny how we so resist some things and welcome others. What I love getting up to in my studio is making up new tunes, just a few notes will do if the magic is there, finding new amazing sounds… give me the new every time.  It’s almost like I enjoy getting swept up in the possibility of what this thing could become, more than actually bringing it into reality. In my mind the beauty of it is already there, done. But I guess it’s kind of living in the dream rather than making living the dream a fact. This is what’s so good about working with others, it forces me to practice, learn and perfect in actual real time!

And I’m sure it’s good for me – and strangely this week I have actually derived some sort of enjoyment, satisfaction let’s say, from the exercise. Undisciplined… that’s always been me