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I was fortunate enough to attend  two concerts last week  - both strangley at the lovely St. Pancreas Old Church (pictured).  And both utterly transporting.  As in they transported me to a different zone, they got me out of myself, they lifted me to another plane, they filled me with a feelings of wonder, slight unease, questioning . .

No question, that something else is going on during a live performance, it’s not just the notes, or even the sounds   Otherwise, why hassle out and sit on a hard chair for 2 hours on a chilly weekday night - why not sit comfortably at home on Spotify?


David Moore from Bing and Ruth ( played on Thursday  and on the following night Luke Howard  (   Seeing see the rows of upturned faces in St. Pancras Old Church, it was as if some life giving manna was issuing forth from the musicians, being received, inhaled by the audience.  Which really is what was happening.  Quite something then.  A long time ago I wrote Music Is God in caps on my facebook page.  There were a few objections, but I  stand by it.  Utterly.


Best of all these experiences made me want to rush down from London and get into my studio. That’s the best sort of concert.