Hello Im Frances Shelley and Im delighted to meet you. Making sounds and playing the piano has been the thing I love to do most for all of my long life . . the thing that overcomes - or at least gives vent to -all negative feelings and turns dark to light..  For me its the creation of it (or anything) that has always been the most fun, and Im finding that sharing the process with the world is also tremendously rewarding..  So here you will find out what I've been up to recently, and a bit about what's coming up in my life, as far as I know it. 

I think of music as conversation, which makes you dear listener an essential participant. So I would love to hear from you, let me know your thoughts, share your creations.  This hugely inspires me and its great to feel connected to you on this endless journey of discovery. If you’d like to you could follow my adventures on Instagram, or join my mail list for my fairly infrequent mailouts, links to my creations in process, news etc. Warm wishes. Frances.